Diana Stalder Introduction by KutiSkin

The KutiSkin Introduction of Diana Stalder

KutiSkin has partnered with Diana Stalder to be the 'Leading’ Authorised Dealer /  Distributor of Diana Stalder products within the USA and Canada.

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Diana Stalder

Diana Stalder products are the Favourite of Women in Asia, USA, Canada and around the world. This product line brand from Swiss-Phil Laboratories in the Philippines started as Spa Products under the name Dermaline.

KutiSkin is an Authentic Authorized Distributor of Diana Stalder (DS) products throughout the USA and Canada. All DS products we sell are shipped directly from the Diana Stalder manufacturing facility in the Philippines to our KutiSkin warehouse then right to your door

Aside from the new company logo, the Diana Stalder brand also completed a makeover for all of its product packages.

Diana Stalder New Logo

Our Diana Stalder by Dermaline (Distributed in USA and Canada by KutiSkin) is one of the top leading 100% Filipino owned company. It was named after 'Dina dela Paz Stalder' (a pure Filipina) and Christopher Stalder (a Swiss citizen). Dina Stalder who founded the company is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology and took a further study in facial and skin-care treatment at Nottingham, England. In 1996 Dina created the 'Dermaline Facial and Skin Care Center' in the Philippines.

The DS (Diana Stalder) products consists of powerful and effective whitening agents, soaps, sunblocks, acne treatments, moisturizers, skin vitamins, hair care, personal and foot care for all different skin types.

One important fact to consider when buying our Diana Stalder products is that they have their own manufacturing plant plus they have their own laboratories to design products and to ensure high quality control is maintained throughout the manufacturing process. Due to their high uncompromising professional standards, they have been recognised / awarded many credentials in their field that include:

  • member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology;
  • member of International Medical Association in Affiliation with the Day Spa Association;
  • 2005 - awarded the Most Outstanding Facial and Skin Care Center by the Philippine Marketing and Excellence Award;
  • 2006 - the Global Excellence Awards for Filipino Achievers – Most Outstanding Entrepreneur Facial and Skin Care Product Category;
  • 2006 - International Shopper’s Choice ANNUAL AWARDS;
  • recognized by the ASEAN (Association of SouthEast Asian Nations) Harmonization Compliant which give credit to policy regarding testing of raw materials, manufacturing, production and protection.

HALAL Certification - as of February 10, 2012, all Diana Stalder products are HALAL Certified.

KutiSkin HALAL Certificate Logo