Mosbeau Introduction by KutiSkin

The KutiSkin Introduction of Mosbeau - The Asian Skin Whitening Expert

KutiSkin has partnered with Mosbeau Japan Inc. to become the 'Premier’ Authorised Dealer / Distributor of Mosbeau products within the USA and Canada.

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Mosbeau (Most Beautiful)

We would like to introduce to you a group of products created by a company called Mosbeau that are now available to the US and Canadian market.

All Mosbeau products utilize the latest innovative ingredient that Japan can offer (i.e. Horse Placental Protein) and is continuously looking for new ingredients that are highly effective and safe for everyday use.

Mosbeau knows Asian skin best through its extensive research and innovative ingredients that bring out high caliber products that are cut above the rest when it comes to excellence and quality. Mosbeau never fails to give you products beyond expectations by developing high-quality, clinically proven, safe and remarkably effective products.

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Dedicated for skin perfection, Mosbeau ushers the most beautiful transformation of every woman. From the words “most beautiful”, Mosbeau embodies high-quality, safe and effective skin whitening and anti-aging products especially formulated for all skin types.


No. 1 Skin-Whitening, Anti-Aging and Skin Cell Renewal brand among Asians...

Being a company that boldly makes a difference, Mosbeau continuously makes a mark in skin care technology. As it takes care of Asian skin, it never ceases to develop high-quality, remarkably effective skin whitening, anti-aging and skin cell renewal products using its breakthrough ingredient: Japan-patented placental protein. Mosbeau has also successfully come up with an array of cutting edge brands specifically tailored for slimming and general wellness, available for Asian women. Living up to its vision of making ever woman be at her most beautiful, Mosbeau maintains its current position as the number 1 beauty brand in Japan.


Most successful and highly awarded beauty brand in the country

Mosbeau's dramatic success in Japan paved the way for the brand's launch in the Philippines. As it sets the trend in breakthrough skin care, Mosbeau's innovation won numerous accolades and recognition in the country. Proof of its success in the Philippines is its Placenta White Advanced Food Supplement which ranked as the no. 1 skin whitening food supplement in the country and has won as the Health Supplement Brand of Year. Mosbeau Philippines was also hailed as the Most Successful Brand of the Year and Mosbeau's Placenta White Underarm and Inner Thigh Cream (now Mosbeau Placenta White Underarm and Dark Spot Cream) was awarded as the Most Innovative Product of the Year. Mosbeau is currently enjoying more than 50% market share in the skin whitening supplement category, owing its success to Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced Food Supplement, acknowledged as the county's best whitening brand.

To date, Mosbeau Philippines has five product lines: Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced Food Supplement, Mosbeau Placenta White Underarm and Dark Spot Cream, Mosbeau All-In-One Premium 30 Facial Cream, Mosbeau All-In-One Premium Soap and Mosbeau Collagen Plus 12000. All of which are available at all leading health and beauty outlets nationwide.


Highly Recommended Skin-Care Brand

Mosbeau is a whitening brand that surpassed the meticulous standards of the dermatologist through its continuous innovation, high standards of quality, safety and efficacy. Truly a mark of excellence detailed to perfection.


Mosbeau takes pride in developing products that are proudly Japan-made. From clinical research, ingredient sourcing, product development, manufacturing and even packaging, Mosbeau products are testaments of Japan's in-depth knowledge, advanced technology and keen eye for perfection – giving you only the best Skin Whitening, Anti-Aging, Skin Cell Renewal, Health and General Wellness.


Utilizing only the finest and latest ingredients in skin care that is effective for all skin types for faster flawless effect such as Horse Placental Protein and Japan patented Marine Placental Protein.


Mosbeau opens its doors globally through its 5,000 partner distributors designed to cater to all key countries namely Japan, Germany, Australia, Dubai, Kuwait, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and now the USA and Canada through KutiSkin Corporation (Authorized Mosbeau Dealer since 2012).

Mosbeau Authorized Dealer Certificate to KutiSkin

Mosbeau is an established brand with sustainable growth as it caters to market with unlimited possibilities. Mosbeau offers a safer and more effective choice, transcending the standards of beauty beyond your expectations.


We Offer Beauty and Confidence

Mosbeau works to give every modern Asian woman their dream beauty, without the torturous pain. We uplift your self-satisfaction as we work our way in making you at your Most Beautiful.

Perfection is our Core Value

We create products that are made in Japan with high-quality ingredients that only offer the best and guaranteed safe and effective results, at a reasonable price.

Mosbeau Changes for the Better

We are devoted to innovation and development of products by engaging in the latest breakthroughs all over the world in skin whitening, anti-aging, slimming and in all aspects of health and beauty care.

Your Guide to Perfection

As a Mosbeau family member, we guarantee to take care of you all the way until you achieved your desired result. Your satisfaction is our priority and we vow to give solutions to your beauty problems.